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How to personal commissions work?

I try and make home-tabletop pieces as personal and as affordable as possible for role players. I’m open to groups, scenes, solo-characters, etc. A description, references or specific requests are all welcome, and I will get in touch with you about your project shortly. Follow this link to fill out a request form!

I run a publication and want to discuss work...

I am always looking forward to working with members of the tabletop rpg community on their unique campaign settings. I am open to designing NPC characters, monsters, villains, landscapes, etc., and have done work already for published titles online. Follow this link to contact me with your ‘quests’!

Can I use your art for free?

I do retain all rights to work I produce, and while I encourage people to visit my site for content they love, restrictions on personal commissions are always intended for personal, non-reproducible and non-profitable uses only. Once I have begun organizing my business via Patreon, that rule may change for specific, select items, only available to patrons.

I have/wish to purchase stock art for publication. What are your terms of use?

Great question! You can find my full stock are license here.