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I love having too many projects to do. Doing nothing but commission work can become overwhelming. Being able to disengage and switch into different modes and produce something that still aligns with my goals or progression is important to me. I have become so much more aware of the training and practice I have neglected.. Basic drawing mistakes I haven’t readily recognized. Things feel like they’re coming to a head now, because I feel like I’m trying to make up lost time. Trying to find some anchor points to not get overwhelmed has become important to my process and approach.

In this case, two things are aligning.
Happy with recent progress on form and structure basics, I’m moving to conquer my anxiety involving digital colouring. I love painterly effects, and I’d love to be able to align my capabilities to produce work like that. But, baby-steps first. One of those is capturing the basics of light and shadow lying on surfaces by using simpler cell-shading techniques. Since I’m also in need of updating my banners for Twitter, Facebook and business cards, I’ve redrawn my plate-wearing aarakocra with the crazy beaked mace for the occassion (the wings on the original creation from 2017 looked like what happens when you leave chicken far too long in the fridge).

Next step is Bob Rossing the new birb on the block.

I’ve got enough on my plate to last awhile now. The next Wednesday update may end up waiting a week or two.

*cracks knuckles*
Signing off, for now.