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An Orc-pportunity:

If you’re a dungeon master, and you love orcs, this post is for you.

As many artists realize, this is the month of Inktober. Produce an image per day. Inked. There are some prompt words to jog the imagination (and speaking as a commission artist that draws nearly 100% from description, adjectives go a long way drawing on hidden inspiration). You get to post stuff, and be part of a community that rewards itself with likes, re-tweets, shares, etc. I like those things. All of them, I really do. But I’ve been crafting this website, and there were unforeseen hiccups, and finishing of commissions, and unfortunately, my version of #Intober2017 turned into #whatcanihopetofinishbeforeimexpectedtowakeup2017. Not nearly as catchy, or productive.

I did still produce some work, but more specifically I found out during my twitter time that the word October is missing a letter. A big, fat, “K”. That K is important, especially when you drop it between the Or-tober.

I love orcs. As an artist, they are creatures that might make you stand still, completely absorbed in its structural anatomy, fully missing the almost assured incoming decapitation as it runs straight at you. A while ago I started work on a concept revolving around hybrid monsters, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons infamous driders. “You know what would be cool,” I said. “A drider with the body of a scorpion, like the Xen’drikar scorrow, but with the upper half of an orc.”

Except, I didn’t say that. It was only later that I found out about the scorrow, and only after I had learned of the manscorpion of AD&D fame. Either way, I was super excited, and I drew this piece:

Scorcion? Orkorpian? I can't even...

I’m planning on creating a Dungeon Master’s supplement that focuses on Orcs; monstrosities, variants, etc. Whenever I can find a chance between all the #Inktobering, I’ll keep you guys updated.