In my previous Wednesday update, I had shared a composition sketch of a creature commission I was in the process of making called the nahuali (hosting the face of Krystina Arielle for the human portion), and I’m pleased to say it’s done:

As February approaches, I’m learning that I’m looking for more reasons to approach personal projects than ever before. I’ve started looking at older work again and wanting to sink my teeth back into them with renewed vigor, and with new approaches I’ve been picking up. I’m also looking at the pieces I never got around to beginning, or pieces I just barely began and couldn’t make time for. One of those was the “Terror of Undermountain” competition that wrapped up in November 2018, (with a winner already decided in December, along with ten runner-ups.) Now that the holiday orders I was cramming in are done/almost done, I’m looking at returning to that project once again with my own take on the text prompt Wizards of The Coast created for the creature. Featured below is the work in rough form. I got started about a week and a half ago, and am trying to fit it into my schedule wherever I can:

Beginning this work raised some important observations for me:
I LOVE doing this off-the-cuff work. Brainstorming, crafting, practicing new skills. I like it almost too much, maybe more than I enjoy doing commission work. I am going to set up a Patreon creator account and make this a permanent fixture in the months to come, and have something to offer the TTRPG community followers I have been engaging with since I first started this process. And as a long-time DM and creature crafter, I’d like to do more than that – engage with these pieces with stat blocks, story elements, maybe a module, and bring the content swimming in my brain to the surface.

I want DMs to rub their hands with kindergarten glee when they hear players at their tables shout “NOPE”.

I want to feast on the NOPE, and make it rain blood (only figuratively, you don’t have to call the cops).



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