My name’s John

I started drawing in high school and have stopped only for the occasional meal and game of D&D.

The start of my then hobby, now passion, was highly influenced by my love of cartoons and comics, to which I’m sure many other artists can relate. Particularly, I’m a gigantic fan of Bill Watterson’s scrappy linework and sprawling vistas, and have a fondness for Jeff Smith’s ability to combine formatting and story with beautifully rendered black and white pieces.

I went on to publish a series of long-running comics in my college newspaper, and produced my own short and long-format webcomics ranging from the fantastical to the irreverent and the just plain weird.

My love of the fantasy genre led me to Dungeons and Dragons, which highly influenced the way my style and subject matter have developed.

In 2010 I took up Dungeon Mastering the “Keep on the Shadowfell” campaign setting as a way to learn the game. This started with a group of long-time friends from university, and has developed into a once-a-month session in the Fifth Edition rule-set for a group that now numbers ten players.

I began drawing my friend’s characters and progressed to doing it for others as well. I have continued developing skills that mix art styles from previous editions of D&D, with my personal cartooning skill set.

While my current focus is the fantasy genre, I have produced work in the genres of horror, traditional funny-pages comics, classic and modern comic book style, realistic art pieces and tattoo designs.

Recent Publications

I have recently been privileged with the opportunity to work on several projects with members of the Dungeon & Dragons community, both personal and professional. You can see some of my work included in the following publications (available to order).