John Latta

I’m a freelance artist based in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). I started drawing in high school and have stopped only for the occasional meal and game of D&D.

The start of my then hobby, now passion, was highly influenced by my love of cartoons and comics. After high school, I went on to publish a series of long-running comics in my college newspaper, and tried my hand at producing my own webcomics.

My love of the fantasy genre led me to Dungeons & Dragons. In 2010, I took up Dungeon Mastering the “Keep on the Shadowfell” campaign setting for a group of long-time friends from university. I began drawing my friends’ characters and progressed to doing it for others as well. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I have continued developing skills that mix art styles from previous editions of D&D, with my personal cartooning skill set. While my current focus is the fantasy genre, I have produced work in the genres of horror, traditional funny-pages comics, classic and modern comic book style, realistic art pieces and tattoo designs.

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